Last Friend

Release date
To be announced



Xbox One/ Steam/ PC/ Mac/ Linux/ PS4 (Coming soon)

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The Last Friend blends tower defense tactics and beat’em up action gameplay. Players must maintain the balance between attacking enemies and defending the mobile shelter. To achieve this the player have to place defenses such as walls turrets and several types of post-apocalyptical weapons. The player can switch between defense and attack in real time.


The game’s storyline follows the aftermath of worldwide chemical warfare where few begins survived. The remaining humand are divided in two factions: Survivors, trying to rebuild the world in a sustainable way and mutants doing opposite.
Our main character has a mobile shelter where he cares for his canine friends, now that dogs has become a food source for mutants. The Last Friend must avoid the mutants by using defenses placed arpund his trailer and the superhuman fighting  abilities he has developed.


• Dynamic comic style and animation
• Nostagic feeling from the classic arcade beat em ups.
• Each dog rescued can share an unique feature with our hero that can be equipped as a perk to improve his skills.
• Multitasking experience mixing strategy and action for players especially that dog lovers  

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