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The ice cream kingdom is being overrun by invaders from the other dessert kingdoms! Adorably evil dessert minions and bosses are changing all the ice cream into other desserts! Match colorful popsicles in this fun new Match-3 puzzle battle game to protect the ice cream kingdom once and for all!

Puzzle pop paradise is a Free to play game, with over 100+ levels of popsicle popping action! Thwart the enemy's attempts to infect and morph the popsicles into caramel and chocolate. Use strategy to create huge matches, magic tiles, and chain combos while defeating adorable evil dessert minions and bosses. Unlock more levels and discover an ice cream paradise as you journey through the many delicious regions in the kingdom!


We had the amazing opportunity to work for Bake450 in development some of the background designs for its Puzzle Pop Paradise game. It was a really amazing experience coming up with all these different landscape inspired by all your favorite desserts, fruits and all kinds of different candies. From rivers made out chocolate or snowy mountains with sprinkles on top, to delicious peppermint hills, working on this project was both challenging and deliciously fun.

It is not often that we can let our imagination go wild and imagine a completely new world made out of the most wonderful type of sweets.


Although the final product turn out to be quite wonderful, the whole process took some time to get just right. Not only did we have to come up with all this different landscapes and places, but we had to make them look good, enticing and delicious.

We work hand in hand with the client to achieve their vision about every background and make it look as good as possible. Starting with a simple layout, adding some details and choosing a distinctive palette for each location, we manage to expand these universe’s horizon, creating fantastic places you definitely want to visit but most of all taste.

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