Slot Game

Slots Panther Vegas


Visual development, including character design, background design,digital painting.

Graphic style

GUI design

Assets animation and compositing.



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Slot Panther blends the thrill of a wild adventure and the fun of an authentic Vegas slot game. A taste of Vegas through exquisite graphics, beautiful animations and cool sound effects. You are guaranteed non-stop excitement with lots of slot games to choose from and tons of bonus features.  A 100% free to play game with unique and interesting mechanics, fun bonuses, mini games and lots of achievements and rewards.


We had the amazing opportunity to work  for Slots Panther Vegas and help them bring their original take on Las vegas style slots machines to life. Our main goal  was to infuse the game with an exquisite visual style with all the flare and glamour associated with las Vegas. From the  dozens of characters, like mummies, cowboys, dancers and football players to the detailed backgrounds portraying Ancient Greece, the Wild Wild West or the streets of Miami,  we manage to give each game a distinct graphic style, a fun take on all these iconic places.


Alongside the visual development we did for the game, we also worked on the animations for the characters and graphics.

The client made specific requests about what the characters should do,  but we were always encourage to create our own versions and come up with fun, interesting ways to surprise the player.  As a result the game is filled with wonderful, detailed animation: from mummies rising from their koffins, Mighty gods catching lightning bolts or cowboys headshotting their enemies. It was without a doubt an amazing experience, an opportunity to  create new short ways to present each character and infuse the game with appeal and personality.

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